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skillstruck kids coding online course and summer camp

"Beforehand, I wasn't very excited. But after the first day, I was very excited to keep learning."

skillstruck kids coding online course and summer camp

"At the beginning, I was skeptical and wasn't excited about it. I thought it was going to be like school..but it wasn't. I was happy about it, I learned a lot and it was actually very fun!"

skillstruck kids coding online course and summer camp

"I liked how it's not just sitting there and having people tell you what to do. You learn and then you do what you want with that knowledge. I thought it would be boring or dumb, but it was really worth it. "

skillstruck kids coding online course and summer camp

"The coding class was a very good experience for me. It helped me learn a fun, new skill. It was well taught and I hope I can learn much more!"

skillstruck kids coding online course and summer camp

"I had a good amount of coding experience beforehand but I was surprised at the new information I learned. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot."

Why Coding?

video game screen time

Turn Screen-time into Skill-time

89% of teens are online several times a day, and 2 of 3 parents are worried about it. Why not make screen-time productive?


Learn to think outside the box

Logical and creative in nature, learning to code will help your kid develop a problem-solving mindset


Skills that lead to jobs

There will be 1 million open coding jobs by 2020 while only 49K people graduated with a computer science degree in 2018


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Kari W.

Skill Struck is great. The boys were excited about what they were learning. Elijah was a particularly strong case, since he's sometimes hard to motivate for things like this in advance.

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Kurt M.

We love SkillStruck! We work hard to manage our kids screen time, but it isn’t easy.  SkillStruck was the perfect solution for our two boys, allowing them to be productive and develop skills during their screen time.

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Jeannie O.

My husband and I searched countless activities for our 13 year old son, and none of them stuck. Having my son doing Skill Struck classes has been a lifesaver and is helping his self esteem so much!

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