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"Voyage helped my son not only make a productive use of his time on the computer, but also learn how to code."
— Bart Butler, Parent

What's Included in a Live Tutor Membership

Live 1-on-1 Tutoring

  • Weekly 30-minute sessions that fit your schedule
  • Live instructors to motivate and guide your student
  • Kids can code from your kitchen table with video and screen sharing

Premium Experience

  • Students are held accountable on a weekly basis
  • Instructors adapt the curriculum to the needs and interests of the student
  • When questions come up, instructors are available to help

Access to Voyage

  • Included 24/7 access to Voyage, a fun, interactive platform that helps your student keep learning to code throughout the week
  • Compete in consistent coding challenges with other kids on the platform
  • Earn rewards, points, and gift cards!

How to Get Started with Live Tutoring


Sign Up

Sign up for a monthly subscription to Live Tutoring. It's $149 a month, and you and your kid will be able to decide when is the best time for a 30-minute session.


At the time that you scheudle teh first live-tutoring sesion, you will receive a link to click and connect with your live tutor. Meet the tutor and then your kid can start learning!


During the 30-minute sessions, the live tutor will help your kid know what they need to do in order to start coding. The instructors provide custom projects and coding resources.


Throughout the week, your kid can use our online platform to prepare for their next session and build real coding projects. If they have any questions that come up, they can ask the tutor at any time, during or after a session.


With your subscription, your kid will be able to meet with a live tutor every week. The more interaction they have with their tutor, the better and quicker they will learn how to code!

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