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Rebecca Nissen's Story

journalism student at BYU

, Rebecca Nissen, BYU, Provo, UT, journalism student
Nitin Gupta's Story

PhD Scholar at Cleveland State university

, Nitin Gupta, Cleveland State university, Cleveland, OH, PhD Scholar
Huy Pham's Story

Masters Student at Brigham Young University

, Huy Pham, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, Masters Student
Matthew Davis's Story

Lt Col, Deputy Commander at USAF

, Matthew Davis, USAF, Bonaire, GA, Lt Col, Deputy Commander
TIffany Chao's Story

Communication student at BYU

communications, TIffany Chao, BYU, Provo, UT, Communication student
Sarah Naumann's Story

Business Support Assistant at Willis Towers Watson

, Sarah Naumann, Willis Towers Watson, Orem, UT, Business Support Assistant
Jenna Lindsey's Story

Accounting Student at Brigham Young University

, Jenna Lindsey, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, Accounting Student
Austin Fannin's Story

Organizational Psychologist at Brigham Young University Student

, Austin Fannin, Brigham Young University Student, Mapleton, UT, Organizational Psychologist
Miles Leung's Story

Internship at Skill Struck

, Miles Leung, Skill Struck, Provo, UT, Internship
Nicole Carlson's Story

Software Engineer at American Express, Skill Struck

, Nicole Carlson, American Express, Skill Struck, Provo, UT, Software Engineer
John Sperry's Story

CEO at Halosight

, John Sperry, Halosight, Sandy, UT, CEO
Tausha Oveson's Story

Director HR Systems, Data, Operations at Nu Skin

, Tausha Oveson, Nu Skin, Provo, UT, Director HR Systems, Data, Operations
Maria Stahura's Story

Sales Manager at Nu Skin Enterprises

, Maria Stahura, Nu Skin Enterprises, Lehi, UT, Sales Manager
Sara Patton's Story

Project Manager at Nu Skin

, Sara Patton, Nu Skin, Lehi, UT, Project Manager
Aimee Alsop's Story

Learning Director at Ed Tech Company

, Aimee Alsop, Ed Tech Company, Saratoga Springs, UT, Learning Director
Donnaly Crull's Story

Implementation Consultant at Entrata

, Donnaly Crull, Entrata, Orem, UT, Implementation Consultant
Talon Hatch's Story

Partnerships at Skill Struck

skill struck, sales, Talon Hatch, Skill Struck, Provo, UT, Partnerships
Parker Gentry's Story

Founder and CEO at Skill Struck

, Parker Gentry, Skill Struck, Provo, UT, Founder and CEO